First Blog - First Story

First Blog - First Story

Yeah my first story !

After years of procrastinating and trying to find the motivation for it, I finally decided to publish my own blog :)

And This is the first "story" as Ghost calls it!

What the blog is about

I had the idea to start my blog and write down my experience and projet in order to:

  1. Have a place to store my portfolio and keep "logs" of what I do.
  2. To expose my work a little in order to show what I like and hopefully learn faster by receiving feedback.

I don't clearly know what I'll post about since I have two passions: IT and entrepreneurship. So I'll just publish the projects or ideas from my work, volunteering, projects or hobbies and make continuous improvements along the way.

By the way, Welcome to my readers!

I come from the IT world. I have a Master's in Computer Science, and I found myself passionate about Entrepreneurship after attending half a dozen StartupWeekends. One thing to know is I love learning.

Even this blog is about learning. I do not have many skills in writing or managing a blog, so what's best way to learn those skills than jumping into the pool and learn how to swim?

The bet I told myself is that I'll learn from doing but also from the feedback from you who might read this blog :). I do not have comments enabled so far (Maybe I should have started with Medium after all?) but you can email me at at any time.

Thank you for reading and see you in another Story!